Apparel & accessories that don't cost so much you're afraid to use them.

Ever browse the ‘tops & tees’ section at Anthropologie and wonder, who wears an $80 tee to walk the dog? My dog would have that lovely shirt covered in dirt and slobber before we were out of the yard. Our apparel is made to be worn for your everyday adventures. Get ’em dirty, throw them in the wash, and if they get ruined you won’t feel guilty. 

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Our Story

For many years, I worked for a large corporation. It was fun… until it sucked. Divisions merged. I had 15 bosses in 13 years. My hard work and dedication were rewarded with a pitiful severance and a cease & desist that prevented me from showing any of my work. Thanks guys! Love you too!! I did receive a bouquet of tiny unicorns from my team which made it mostly all better. 

Every morning my friend Brandy called to chat. We’d joke, and say, “That should be a t-shirt!” Finally we decided to REALLY make t-shirts. She was the sales mastermind, and I had total creative freedom, something seriously lacking in my day-to-day corporate existence.

You should never ask a woman her age, but I will divulge that I was born in 1968, and she was born in 1980. Do not do the math. The point is, that 68-80 became 680, and Six Eighty & Co. was born. As the shop grew, we needed models. My niece was a natural in front of the camera and you’ll see her lovely smiling face in many of our posts.

Our clothing & accessories are designed to inspire, encourage or just make you smile. I design things that Brandy & I  would wear. I’m lucky to have a circle of friends who accept and love you for who you are, encourage you to be your best, but call you on your bullshit. They know I would do the same for them. Six Eighty & Co. products are true to this vibe, and I’d lend them anything in my closet for their next dog walk or daring adventure.

So raid our closet, and find your new favorite.

I hope you enjoy our products as much as I enjoy creating them.
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Shannon Gomez
Designer, Owner
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