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Fuck Cancer Jacket


For the past 18 months, someone dear to us has been fighting cancer. My husband wanted to send him a t-shirt with six inch tall letters that said: FUCK CANCER. But, as a business owner and respected leader in his profession, it seemed to me that the recipient of this gift might truly appreciate the sentiment, but maybe wouldn’t actually want to wear it out in public. He also has kids, and and a gift like that would mean big deposits in the swear jar.

Something a little more subtle was in order. I love the contrast of a simple embroidered message, that feels like a monogram, but with a twist. So I created our F&@K CANCER | Embroidered Champion Packable Jacket for him. Embroidered with gold thread on a navy ChampionĀ® jacket, it has a refined preppy feeling and can be thrown on over any outfit. But the message pretty clearly conveys how we feel. F-you cancer, and the horse you rode in on.

I like to imagine him wearing it to the hospital for treatments, and giving his doctors a good laugh. Hospitals can be so cold, so I hope that it keeps him warm and reminds him that we love him whenever he wears it. It’s practical and useful with a kangaroo pocket large enough to hold a paperback, keys and phone. It’s the kind of thing you can toss in a bag, just in case, and I liked the idea that it would be there for him when he needed it.

And if you’re looking for a great book to read, one of his favorites is Tuesdays with Morrie. You can find it here:

Our jacket makes a great gift for anyone who has had to fight cancer, or watch someone else fight it. Wind and rain resistant, with a hood, and front kangaroo pocket our F&@K CANCER Jacket is perfect for early or late-night coffee runs, gloomy days, and cold waiting rooms.

Made with love for the cancer-fighter in our own family, and shared with you.

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