Tada Crewneck

These are the days

There are so many reasons why The Magicians was one of my favorite shows. It was an excellent series of books, and the characters came to life in the show perfectly. Eliot is the exquisitely broken and fabulous guy friend I wish I had to… Read More »These are the days

Cancer Gift


For the past 18 months, someone dear to us has been fighting cancer. My husband wanted to send him a t-shirt with six inch tall letters that said: FUCK CANCER. But, as a business owner and respected leader in his profession, it seemed to me… Read More »F&@K CANCER

Mom's Diploma

There’s a leak

This week I dropped off my favorite child at college. I’m allowed to call him my favorite child, because in reality he’s my only child and therefore my absolute favorite. It’s a joke between us. There are so many pieces that have to come together,… Read More »There’s a leak